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11 July 2020 @ 05:17 pm
Friends only lj

Comment to be added! Feel free to add me if you think that we have something in common, but comments are welcome!
[x] Lareine
[x] Kamijo
[x] Versailles
[x] Visual Kei
[x] Takarazuka
[x] Ayaki Nao
[x] Lolita fashion
[x] Indie's brand
[x] Roses
[x] Shoujo Kakumei Utena
[x] Versailles no Bara
[x] Oniisama e..
[x] X/1999 Clamp
[x] La Chanteuse RoBERT
[x] Charles Baudelarie
[x] Vampires
[x] Witches
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29 April 2020 @ 04:03 pm
Please leave the feedback here if you purchase or sell something to me!
01 October 2015 @ 11:20 am
Me aburro un poco y llevo días dándole vueltas a ciertas cosas.
Como por ejemplo a aquellas canciones que me muero por escuchar en directo, o que hubiese muerto si las hubiese escuchado en directo.

Si teneis algo mejor que hacer mejor que no leais esta entrada xD
Para empezar 30 canciones, iré publicando más entradas hasta que se me acabe la lista ^^'

[1]Aliene Ma'riage- VIRGIN MARY
[2]Aliene Ma'riage- Under the Rose Leaf
[3]Amadeus- Kyozou no Kami
[4]Amadeus- Bakkou
[5]And One- Military Fashion Show
[6]And One- Get you Closet
[7]Baiser- Decadence
[8]Baiser- Pandora no
[9]Baiser- Four seasons
[10]Baiser- Flora
[11]Baiser- Akai Hahen
[12]Baiser- Eve
[13]Blam Honey- GIVE IT TO ME
[14]Blam Honey- Vertex Potion
[15]Clair de Lune- Words of Comfort
[16]Chaton L'amour- L'HORLOGUE
[17]Deflina Ma'riage- Manipulate
[18]Deflina Ma'riage- Infection
[19]DERAIL- Leaves
[20]Dir en Grey- Yokan
[21]Dir en Grey- [KR]Cube
[22]Dir en Grey-Increase Blue
[23]Dir en Grey-Child Prey
[24]Die en Grey-Embryo
[25]Due le Quartz- REQUIEM
[26]Due le Quartz-Re;shakespeare
[27]Due le Quartz-Lily for you
[28]Diary of Dreams-Butterfly dance
[29]Diary of Dreams-Colorblind
[30]Diary of Dreams-Babilon
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06 August 2010 @ 09:22 pm
Hi girls!

I'm going to sell my Angelic Pretty Magical Etoile jumperskit in black!

Someone interested?
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13 December 2009 @ 10:27 pm
Tengo en mi mano las entradas para el concierto Memorial de Jasmine You el 4 de Enero. La maleta la voy a llevar medio vacía de ropa, pero no sé si llevar en ella un cargamento entero de Kleenex.

Sé que esto es de formación profesional, como aquel que dice, pero hacía tiempo que no le veía a alguien la mirada tan triste. Y para colmo, ese alguien tenía que ser Kamijo. Ais.
Este año no sólo hay carta en inglés/japonés+regalos, sino también fotos del cosplay de Lareine.
Señora, está usted obsesionada. Sí xD
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12 August 2009 @ 07:12 pm
I need a break! It's imposible with my work but I really need a break. My holidays are in December! I know it would be amazing, but Jesus. This Sunday is my first free sunday in a year, could you believe it?
I have to do lot of things, and I didn't start my cosplay for Salon del Manga. I'm so excited with the idea, 'cause I'm cosplaying a character from my stories, which is really amazing!
But I have to start right now, I only have the extra-long wig, the contact lenses and the boots. I have to buy the fabric, bottons, pants and make the cosplay xDD Everything must be perfect for THIS Salón del Manga, even I'm not in Lolita spanish comm like before.

Just changing the mod. The next Alamode Market have been announced, and it's in october ;__; I was praying for December!!!
I don't know if you know Alamode Market, but it's basically the paradise!
Lot of Gothic and Lolita indies brands and new fashion designers.
The official site and a review of 2005 I think (Shioku is on the pics *____* )

And people don't be sad about LiW! You will totally know about them, I'm 100% sure!!

I'm horrible making photos, but I had so much fan that night!
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